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From Old Threshers Handbook.

Arthur S. Kauffman, Route 1, Paradise, Penna., passed away July
18, 1969. He was a thresherman by trade for many years. Also had
twenty-seven steam engines during his years. A member of Rough
& Tumble Museum, Kinzers. A subscriber of Iron Men Album since
it has originated and faithful reader. Sent in by Mrs. Arthur S.
Kauffman, Route 1, Paradise, Penna. 17562.

Mr. Herbert Davis of Robertsdale, Alabama but a Michigan native
of Tuscola County, passed away August 4, 1969, in Alabama. He was a
former Thresherman and loved steam. He will be missed at the
reunions. Sent in by Mrs. Herbert Davis, Robertsdale, Alabama

The sudden death of George D. Winter, 81, occurred at his home
near Pipestone, Minnesota on Thursday evening, May 1, 1969.

He was born, July 12, 1888 at Merrill, Iowa. He was married to
Emma Block at Eagan, South Dakota July 5, 1917. He lived and farmed
near Pipestone all his married life. His threshing career extended
from 1905 to 1944.

After retiring from threshing he set himself the task of
building scale models of his equipment. First he built a model of a
Case 80 Steam Engine (1 inch to the foot), which occupied three
years of his spare time. When he had completed that he built a
Water Wagon to the same scale. Finally he set about to build a
model Case 36 x 58 grain Separator, to which he devoted another
three years of spare time.

He was a member of the Gas and Steamers of Sioux Falls, South
Dakota, and of the Prairie Village Historical Society, Madison,
South Dakota.

Although he had completely lost the ability to hear, he never
lost his love for his God and fellowman, and demonstrated his
loving concern by active participation and activity.


Be quiet and listen . . . I’m hearing a dream;
That voice of the past . . . the giant of steam.
The pulse of the power . . . Under control
Where lumbering wheels . . . Are beginning to roll.
The whir of the belt . . . The engine’s sure stroke;
I’m smelling again . . . That heavy, black smoke.
The whistle is blowing … A sizzle of steam –
Be quiet and listen . . . I’m hearing a dream.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1969
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