| November/December 1975

WILLIAM H. JOHNSON, 85, retired farmer, died unexpectedly June 23 at his home at 80 Steurrys Road, Marion, New York. Mr. Johnson was also a past master of the Marion Grange and was active in steam engines. He was a member of the New York State Steam Engines Association, Pioneer Gas Engine Association and the National Threshers Association.

 Submitted by Abram E. Johnson, 80 Steurrys Road, Marion, New York 14505 - son.

IRVIN HOFFMAN, 77, of Manheim, Route 1, Pennsylvania died April 20, 1975 unexpectedly at his home. He belonged to Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association, Kinzers, and he maintained and operated the Getz Brothers steam calliope in local parades for a number of years.

Submitted by Gilbert Irps, 3156 Waldron Road, Kankakee, Illinois 60901.

R.F. DALE of Garden Grove, Iowa 50103 died April 5, 1975. He enjoyed reading the Iron-Men Album magazines and saved them for many years.

Submitted by Mrs. Rollie Dale, Garden Grove, Iowa 50103.