| November/December 1976

CHARLES FELLENZ, of Ellsworth, Wisconsin died October 1975 of a heart attack. He loved the magazine and was so interested in the old steam engines and would always keep in touch with the threshing shows.

Submitted by his sister, Gertrude Fellenz, Ellsworth, Wisconsin.

EDWARD H. BUDENSKI, 75, of West Concord, Minnesota died July 16, 1976 at home. Edward, along with brothers Louie (deceased), Albert and Robert, were among the group who formed the Zumbro Valley Threshers Association. This was an annual fall show attended by many from about 1954 to 1971, on their farm. It was held on meadowland in the valley among the many beautiful colored trees, scenic hills and winding creek. Among the many showpieces shown each year was Edward's 28 H.P. Minneapolis steamer which always ran and looked as fine as the day it left the Hopkins Minnesota Plant.

Submitted by Allan Danielson, Kenyon, Minnesota 55946.

W. GUY SAMS, of Hillsboro, Ohio died July 11, 1976 at the age of 85. Mr. Sams threshed for 45 years with his own outfits which included an Aultman-Taylor thresher, Baker engine and later a Geiser engine. He also had a Burdsall Clover Huller. In later years he owned a 25-50 Baker tractor. Later he spent 8 years building an 8 H.P. model Geiser steam engine which was modeled after his full size Geiser engine. It is one of the most perfectly built model engines shown today. His son, Russell, now runs the engine at the various shows and plans to carry on his father's interest and dreams.

Submitted by Ray Roberts, Box 33A, Route 5, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133.