| November/December 1984

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On March 31, 1984, JAMES E. LANCASTER of Mount Savage, Maryland died at the age of 91 years.

James was a long-time subscriber to IMA.In his will he directed that his remaining shop equipment, tools and any steam or gasoline engines be sold at auction. He requested that the sale be advertised in this magazine.

Submitted by D. M. Lancaster, Rt. 1, Box 217, Mount Savage, Maryland 21545.

CARL W. MEIER of Dubois, Nebraska passed away July 23, 1984, in the Pawnee Memorial Hospital of congestive heart failure. He would have been age 77 on July 26th.

As a young man, Carl had thoughts of becoming a railroad engineer. Instead, he became a farmer. Then in 1966, he decided to combine his farming with the building of a scale model steam engine of his own. After some years of planning and many trips and consulting with his friend Ed Jacobs of Smith Center, Kansas, he at last realized his dream and the scale model Advance Rumely became a reality.

Carl and his wife Opal's hobby was attending the various steam shows in the fall around the country with 'Little Smokey'.