| November/December 1993

BERT MacARTHUR, 86, of Argyle, Ontario, Canada, passed into Steam Engine Heaven on February 25, 1993, after a short illness. He was born September 11, 1906, a member of a family of eleven. He is survived by a sister and a brother, Dougald.

Bert was on his father's steam engine platform as soon as he could climb on, and by the time he was eleven was full time engineer.

Bert bought his first threshing outfit when he was twenty and threshed in Eldon Township area for over 50 years. He gained a respected reputation for his expertise. His knowledge of sawmilling, stone crushing, shingle milling, buzz sawing firewood in the off season is also legend. Bert also used tractor power extensively, Rumely Oil Pulls being his favorite. At his death he still owned two steamers, two Oil Pulls, three sawmills, several other tractors plus other machinery.

He was always willing to help others by sharing knowledge, but would often let them learn on their own, as he did, because that way 'you don't forget.' This I know personally.

Bert's sense of humor is legend. He took great joy in 'tormenting' people. 'You'd of laughed 'til you died,' he would often say.

Bert was an honorary member of East Lake Simcoe Pioneer Society. He will be missed by many but will long be remembered by the heritage he left for others to continue.