| November/December 1998

First of all, we wish to apologize and correct an error in the spelling of a name that appeared in The Golden Roll, May/June issue of IMA. ORRIN MICHNA passed away last year. We had incorrectly printed his name as 'Orrin Machine.'

An error occurred in the July/August issue with the name of CLAUDE N. HAZELETT who passed away December 26. We incorrectly spelled his name as 'Gazelett.'' We try very hard to be accurate, but sometimes it is difficult to read handwriting. If at all possible, please print names and addresses. Thank you.

MARK ALAN WATSON of Efland, North Carolina, died March 23, 1998. Mark will be remembered especially for his kindness to others and willingness to help his friends in any way he could.

He could always be found making shingles with his father, mother, and wife Millie, using his father's shingle mill at the shows. His favorite shows were Silk Hope Ruritan's Old Fashioned Farmer's Day, at Silk Hope, North Carolina; The Southeastern Old Thresher's Reunion at Denton, North Carolina; and Jamestown Lion's Club Yesteryear in Motion, at Jamestown, North Carolina.

Mark was delighted with his Frick portable steam engines and loved to fire them up with his devoted friend, Mark 'Snuffy' Osborne. He loved collecting whistles for the engines. Mark's brother, Kelly Watson, was instrumental in much of the engine's restoration as was their father.

Mark was a graduate of Elon College where he earned his B.A. in Accounting. He was President of Watson State Mfg., a family business established by his father in 1965. He was a past Master of Durham Masonic Lodge #352, a member of Hillsborough Presbyterian Church and a former member of Yates Baptist Church in Durham.