| September/October 1976

ERVIE PENNELL died January 29, 1976. Mr. Pennell took care of books, jewelry and subscription sales for the Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania. Submitted by Mrs. Richard Anderson (daughter), R. D. #5, Titusville, Pa. 16354.

C. R. FULLERTON, 84, Burgettstown, Pa., passed away at his home on April 3, 1976. He was born in Hanover Township, Washington County and had been a resident there his entire life.

He was one of three dedicated owners of traction engines who were instrumental in founding the Tri-State organization in 1957. He had served as its president and as a director for many years, and was an active participant in all its activities until the onset of his illness. He will be remembered for the quality corn meal and wheat flour which he ground on a bohr stone mill with his engine.

He and his son, Glenn had owned and restored several steam engines, and he took great pride in showing them at our various exhibitions. He had spent his entire life as a farmer and was well known as a livestock breeder.

Mr. Fullerton will be sorely missed by his associates and a host of friends. (Submitted by his niece, Mrs. Norma Fullerton Mungai).

BERT JOHNSON, synonymous with steam power for more than 70 years, died on May 21, 1976, at the age of 92. He lived in Galva, Illinois and was a member of the Central States Thresherman's Reunion.