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On May 26, LEROY EBERSOL passed away at the age of 78. Almost
since its inception he was active in the Rough & Tumble
Engineers Historical Association at Kinzer, Pennsylvania. At their
annual Old Threshermans Reunion, he was a familiar figure.

His many friendships extended far beyond local boundaries. He
will be missed.

Submitted by Wilmer J. Eshleman, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

MIKE ASHBECK passed away May 1, 1985 at his home in Villa Park,
California where he had been ill for the past year. Many people in
this country will remember Mike and Ida with fond remembrances as
they traveled the USA, Canada and Europe extensively since their
retirement in 1967.

Mike was the first Vice-President and a very active founder of
the California Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, Inc.,
of Southern California. As well as being active in several other
clubs he was one of the best engineers on the West Coast, having
been in aircraft businesses and then designing the heat shield for
the Appollo Moon shot. However, steam engines of all sorts was his
greatest interest.

Mike will be sadly missed by many friends across the nation.

Submitted by Bill May & Greg Johnson, San Diego,

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