| September/October 1986

RALPH WOODMANSEE, 75, of Battle Creek, Michigan, passed away at his home on May 2, 1986.

For those who knew him he will be greatly missed. Ralph was a steam engine man from the first school. His knowledge of steam was unlimited. His ability to repair or operate an engine was second to none.

Ralph was a good friend and an active member of the Michigan Steam Engine and Threshers Club from its very beginnings.

Ralph threshed and sawed lumber most of his life and did it mostly with steam. He could make a sawmill saw lumber just about as fast as a good crew could carry it away. Ralph had a great sense of humor and was not above playing a few tricks on people when he got the chance, however, he could take as good as he gave.

I and many others who knew him spent many hours listening to his stories and experiences, on how to set the valve on an engine or how to fix a seperator so it would thresh better. Also who had the best ball team as he loved to watch baseball games.

Ralph is gone, but to those who knew him he will never be forgotten.