| September/October 1996

LEHART FREIDRICH, Lake Elmo, Minnesota, passed away June 2, 1996, at 80 years of age.

He was an avid steam engine and gas tractor collector. He was a full-time farmer all his life, and was head of Pioneer Steam Days, Lake Elmo. He showed his steam engines at many shows and parades, was a member of M.S.E.A. and charter member of the J.I. Case Heritage Foundation. Lehart was proud owner of a 110 HP Case steam engine #28053.

He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends. I'll miss my close friend Lehart. We did a lot together during the time I knew him.

Submitted by his friend, Ted Knack, 1545 Tenth Avenue, St. Paul Park, Minnesota 55071.

RICHARD F. CHERRY, October 6, 1929 - November 24, 1995.

A long time steam engineer, Richard's interest began when he was about six years old, when he started going with his father Francis on his threshing runs, and firing on the sawmill. 'Dick' followed steam shows all over the Midwest. He loved the sound of a good engine and was happiest when he was running one. Dick had forgotten more about steam than most people know.