The Good Little Double Keck

| September/October 1992

Postscript by Stephen W. Dunn Rt 1, Box 1501 Jennings, Oklahoma 74038

Keck-Gonnerman No. 1636, 20 HP double rear mount at Pawnee in 1989. Case separator. Steve Dunn steering/owner, Glenn Whitman, engineer. Engine is in its work clothes.

My 20 HP double rear mounted Keck-Gonnerman #1636 was manufactured in 1922. V.B. & W.H. Davenport ordered this engine November 15, 1921. It was shipped to Brown Station, Missouri on April 25,1922. The engine has 6 ' x 12' cylinders, 44' flywheel, Pickering governor, eccentric plunger pump and a #1 US injector. The drive wheels are cast 74' in diameter and 20' wide with detachable cleats. The boiler is a 47 tube butt strap made by Brennan (Ohio Standard #110).

Sam Myers of Brookville, Ohio and Joe Park of Princeton, Wisconsin helped me with the history of this engine. It looks like #1636 was built in the transition period between the 20 HP 52 tube lap joint boiler and the 47 tube butt strap as used on the 22 HP engines. I wish to thank Sam and Joe for their help.

We never knew much about Keck engines in Oklahoma. I never heard of a Keck, at least in this part of the state. I got #1636 from the Ed Peacock estate at Fulton, Missouri in 1963.

I can remember two very impressive pulls #1636 has made in traction. The first one was the day we fired it up to load on a truck at Fulton. Jim Peacock asked us to pull a 20 HP Reeves up a very steep bank so they could load it. The Reeves had been sitting in this low place for years. We got a large chain and hooked onto the Reeves. We soon found out that the drivers on the Reeves would not turn. It took about 165 lbs. on the Keck to drag the Reeves up this bank with the wheels on the Reeves sliding.