The Hickory Nutters

| March/April 1991

Sr., 17424 Rock Creek Rd., Nevada City, California 95959

Along about the end of November Grandpa would hitch up our old mare and off we would go, looking for hick'ry nuts.

As we poked along a deserted country lane, he would suddenly exclaim: 'Look! A whole grove of hick'ry trees. Boy! Are we in luck today!!'

Later on it occurred to me that he knew exactly where to look and had been coming here for years!

Quite a manmy Grandpa!!

New Delaware Steam Tugboat First in Over Five Decades

Wakefield, Rhode island Beckmann, Limited, local builder of antique and classic launches and tugboats, recently delivered a thirty foot steam tugboat to Peter Van de Veld of Malvern, Pennsylvania. Moored on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, this new steam tugboat is the first in Delaware waters in over fifty years.