Reeves Engines

The history of half size 13 hp and 16 hp Reeves engines.

| July/August 1988

14 Valley View Drive Claremore, OK 74017

Serial #1, built by Haston St. Clair in 1946, weight 3400 lbs. This engine has been all over the mid-west and has taken many blue ribbons.

The late Mr. Haston St. Clair, of Holden, Missouri created both one-half size engines. The measurements were both from 13 HP and 16 HP scaled down one-half to make prints and sketches. In my opinion, he did a fine job, in both size and quality.

Haston had built some 50 engines since 1950. So, in other words, he is the grandaddy of all one-half size Reeves engines. Both mine and Haston's dads were Reeves dealers back in the teens, therefore, we both liked and ran Reeves engines.

Attached is a picture of Haston's half-size of 13 HP, and Danuser's half-size 16 HP. I would, and did borrow patterns and prints from Haston, and I also borrowed his engine for other dimensions. I started buying castings and steel in 1978, and completed the engine in 1982.

My dad, K. B. Danuser (1871-1937) owned the following engines: Case, Huber, Robinson, Frick, Jumbo, Peerless, and N & S. After buying a 20 HP Reeves in 1910, all single engines had to go! He used the Reeves up until 1937 with K & G separators. We had 4 different size Reeves engines: 13-20-25-32 HP.