| May/June 1952

New Cumberland, Pa.

The Editor's note: Mr. Losh started to work for the Huber Company in April 1908 and continued in their service until June 1945 when he went to the American Equipment Company as Huber and is still with them.

Adam, as he is familiarly known, is a very modest man. He despises publicity. Hence, we had some persuading before we got him to write a description of the Teeter Hoard. He is a man of the highest character. We have heard him make an address comparable to the best ministers.

The Teeter Board was a stunt used by the Huber Company at Fairs and other exhibition places for steam traction engines.

The Editor saw Adam operate at the Grangers Picnic in Cumberland County, Pa. It was the most interesting of all the stunts ever devised. The Huber was well fitted for this demonstration. If the engine slid off the planks, and it  did sometimes, nothing happened since   the Huber had no interference up to the axle.

Another interesting stunt the Huber pulled at the Grangers Picnic was to go into the creek which was some wider than the engine and the water just about to the axle. We have seen them go up the creek with the engine wide open and just literally push the water up the stream for a ways. The Israelites would not have been able to have crossed the stream on dry land but it was a sight we shall never forget and never expect to see it repeated.