The Jacob C. Weaver Threshing Machine

| May/June 1991

Submitted by Roy H. Herr, 6260 Main Street East Petersburg, PA 17520

Mr. Jacob C. Weaver grew up as a farm boy in the vicinity of Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. At the age of sixteen, he went to what is now Leola, Pa. to enroll as an apprentice at the Valentine Andes Machine Shop, where the Andes Threshing Machines were manufactured.

The Andes Shops were built in the shape of a horseshoe, and courses in the trades were offered there. The arrangement provided for a beginner to enter one end of the horseshoe shaped complex and, if successful, he would depart at the other end.

Four years after entering, Jacob C. Weaver graduated and left the place of his training. He had learned the secrets and acquired the skills to qualify him as a full-fledged blacksmith, cabinetmaker, patternmaker, machinist, wagonmaker, and wheelwright.

With these qualifications and abilities to make a living, Jacob returned to Bunker Hill, south of Strasburg, where he was employed by the Valley Spring Machine Shop. During that period of time, in the year 1876, he married my grandmother and they went to the Centennial at Philadelphia on their honeymoon.

After leaving the Valley Spring Machine Shop, he bought land about a mile up the road toward a place called White Oak, where he built his own shop. He also purchased a wood lot to serve as a supply of lumber for his manufacturing needs.