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The Jordan Show

1511 Iglehart Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

On Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th, 1970,
the Jordan, Minnesota, Threshing Association staged another
successful annual event.

The site of the show is on reasonably high sandy ground near a
paved highway and is about three miles from Jordan.

Grain was threshed from several stacks of oat bundles each

A Rosenthal cornhusker and shredder was in operation.

Milton Tiegs, President of the Jordan Association, operated a
lumber saw.

Different makes of steam engines included Case, Advance, Russell
and a half-size 20 hp. Case. The large engines all took turns
operating the grain threshers and the lumber saw.

In the gas tractor exhibit, a big Aultman Taylor, I believe the
rating is 45-70 hp., and a big Minneapolis of the same rating, were

Practically every make of tractor ever used on Minnesota farms
was represented.

One outstanding exhibit of this show is a steam fire engine.
Drawn by horses, it is the upright boiler type that raced through
the streets on fire calls in the old days.

Another eye catcher was a popcorn wagon engine and boiler, ready
to run. It had no fresh-buttered popcorn, but you could buy that at
a stand nearby.

A miniature steam traction engine running on air attracted

A fine parade was a feature of each day’s attractions. All
rolling units participated. Among the steamers, a return flue
Minneapolis engine mounted on and geared to a truck ground wheel
assembly, attracted attention.

The fire engine and a tank wagon each drawn by a fine team of
horses, a self-binder in operation drawn by a tractor and hobby
tractors were some of the main features of the parade.

Antique autos included one of the first Ford touring cars, a
1935 Chevrolet, and a 1926 Model T Ford sedan.

One of the threshing machines was the Gopher thresher. It is
interesting to note that it was built in nearby New Prague,

The first touch of fall was in the air and this may be why
people like to eat at a place like this. Coffee, lunches, soft
drinks and popcorn were sold at refreshment stands.

The Jordan threshing show is developing into one of
Minnesota’s better shows. Mr. Tieges and his assistants are to
be commended for the fine show they put on this year.

  • Published on Jan 1, 1971
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