| September/October 1960

Otterbein, Indiana

The ladies at the Illiana Steam Pop-Off showed very unusual articles. One woman had two large rugs made from old felt hats ~ the pieces were cut the size of a silver dollar, a half-dollar and a quarter. These were laid one on another in artistically blending colors and sewed to burlap and the whole formed into patterns of diamonds. They were very beautiful as well as practical. She had bought the fringe for the rugs in Portland, Oregon, saying she could not find it in Indiana. She confessed to buying 71 felt hats last week at a rummage sale. Mrs. Byers also brought two lovely rugs made of French knots. Everyone thought they were hooked rugs until she explained how they were made of thousands of knots.

Other interesting rugs were braided, the wool having come from the blanket factory at Bloomfield, Indiana. There was also a string rug which was very interesting and practical.

The interest our women are showing in rocks and fossils is amazing. One woman just started collecting last Labor Day and now has a fine collection of fossil insects, ferns, seed pods, etc. She said that one rock in ten that you crack open will contain the fossils. Your State Conservation Department can send you booklets as to where to go looking for fossils.

Several of our women are very much interested in dolls: antique dolls, dressing dolls authentically in the clothes of various countries, and also in dollhouses and in making miniature furniture. Of course, cooking is a great hobby, but we are afraid to exhibit that for fear it will disappear!

Our list of interests would cover practically everything in a hobby book.