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-- Just Girls All!

The Ladies’ Auxiliary of The Early American Steam Engine and
Old Equipment Society down in southern York County have been
buzzing with a lot of activity lately for they helped in the
celebration of the Third Annual Reunion of their Society at Red
Lion, Pa., on July 14, 15 and 16.

One of the big highlights this year was a beautiful float made
of paper tissues in various colors and decorated by the ladies
themselves. I tell you, this really brought the Oh’s and
Ah’s from the crowd!

Because food ranks high with the men-folk, the women were busy
keeping it ready and on hand all the time. As a special treat they
took on the project of making some good old fashioned Applebutter.
The ladies came from far and near the night before the opening of
the reunion to ‘snitz’ the apples. This, too, is always a
lot of fun as we do have a chattering time.

Yes I think you will agree — these ladies are interested in
their husbands’ hobby!

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