| January/February 1956

  • Crochet Nook
    Ruby's Crochet Nook as displayed at the Mt. Pleasant (Iowa) Reunion.

  • Crochet Nook

We are glad to present Mrs. Robert Campbell of 410 S. Harrison St., Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. She is a very interesting lady and has created a Hobby for herself which has turned her labor into cash. Her display at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion was very attractive as you can see by the above picture. Here is her story in her own word

'I started crocheting and embroidery work for pastime and for gifts for my many friends. It wasn't long until different ones wanted me to make articles for them. Soon I had more work than I could do, so I have my mother and three sisters help me out.

'I have a Gift Shop in my home at 410 S. Harrison Street, Among the things I sell are organdy aprons, toaster covers, all kinds of doilies, hot mats, hot pan holders, hankies, dish towels, pillow cases, purses, stoles, baby booties and bibs, napkin holders. Most everything in the crochet and fancy work line.

'Last summer I went to school and learned to make wood fiber flowers. I now sell all kinds of artificial flower making material, velour crepe, wood fiber, leaves, wire, stamens, corsage ribbons, etc. I have four or five free classes in flower making every week. Now I sell flowers and corsages as well as teach people how to make them.

'I have fun with what I am doing and know I am giving others the chance to enjoy this fascinating Hobby too. They not only enjoy the use of my handwork but learn that they too can make something useful and beautiful with their own two hands.'

Charlene Francom
9/23/2010 11:15:08 PM

I have been searching high and low for wood fibre sheets to make the wood fibre flowers with like my Mom and Grandmother made! They used to make them for the old Hollywood stars for under the hot movie lights...they held up beautifully and looked so real!!! I would like to show my daughters how to do this lost art that their grandma's did! Where can I buy some sheets??? Can you help????