| January/February 1957

  • Reeves double simple, 1910 model'
    Mrs. Doris (Lester) Lindenmier of Arlington, Illinois, making some adjustments on her Reeves double simple, 1910 model.

  • Reeves double simple, 1910 model'

Mrs. Doris Lindenmier is our lady this issue. I never got to know her well enough to picture her in mind Elmer speaks so well of her that we are happy to present her to the AL BUM Family. AUNT LENE

Mrs. Doris (Lester) Lindenmier lives at Arlington, Illinois. She owns and operates a 16 hp. Reeves double simple engine of 1910 model. That is she operates it for fun. Elmer says she handles it exceptionally well.

Doris is a very busy woman. She is the mother of three children, 7, 8, and 9 years old. She is a Registered Nurse and does private nursing. Lois is the organist in the Sacred Heart Church at Dimmick, Illinois, and has a Hammond organ in her home. Proudly she announces that she has been a farmer all her life.

Mrs. Lindenmier is the nurse for the Central States Threshers Reunion and takes her engine in the parade twice a day. We are happy to have such a versatile woman in the ALBUM Family.