The Ladies Page

| January/February 1962

Country Echoes

By MAE BABER, R.D.2, Brandon, Wisconsin

Reading about warm weather when the snow flies may have a tendency to send forth a welcome glow of warmth within us. Aren't we a privileged people we who live among the seasons?

In the fall one thinks ahead of what the earth will be like again in Spring's green emerald gown. In autumn the wind and sun has aged and leathered the leaves. Some are torn. They must of necessity die that the earth have it's first protective covering. What an experience it is to walk among them, ankle deep in a woodland quiet and serene.

Spring is lovely here but autumn has a peace and that clear blue weather that is unique in it's blessing.

Later on we see a pure, white carpet on our earth and are hushed by the magic of the minute white flakes making their certain fall to the earth again. We have another mood a sort of silent joy sings among the flakes. We can in one night of strong breeze and snow find our world transformed into a village of weird banks with curling and spiraled tips. It is nice then to remember the good things which happened to us during the summer. Let me tell you a bit about them.