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Into the beginning of winter come drifting these thoughts onto
the familiar Ladies Page. I began thinking about my column early
last week. Things just didn’t go right. I researched. I worked.
I pondered, but to no avail. One column had already been discarded,
and no worthy thoughts would come. What I had written wasn’t my
style, and because it wasn’t my style there was no joy in
writing it. Birds was my topic, and my birds just wouldn’t come
alive. It was a strictly factual article, and factual articles are
not my style of writing. Not too long ago I wrote a poem about my
style and here it is……….


I could be as vile
As Grandfather’s billy goat
That isn’t my style.
I’m a wash and wear boat
A sail on a clear blue river.

For I’m going some place, Man,
And whenever you can Leave your pad in a bind
You may find quite a treasure In a measure of morals
And become urgent giver To matters constructive
And legal. My beagle has fleas
If I don’t use some powder;

My boat gathers bedbugs
And louder and louder
Wild music won’t solve
Any problems I gather.

I’m Status Quo, Baby;
I like soap and lather
I am sailing this way
For I’d really much rather.

In early September we took a trip around Lake Superior. Here we
met up with many wandering young people, more than we have seen on
other travels. Being a good bit older than they, we didn’t pick
them up. We could hardly take that risk. But that isn’t saying
we didn’t have a deep compassion for them. They rather dampened
our enjoyment of a much needed change of pace. This we had earned
by honest toil.

And now, back in our own home, a good neighbor brought over Pat
Boone’s new book ‘A New Song.’ I read it in less than
one day. It is surely thought provoking, and most inspired reading.
Try to get it from your library. I would like to read this book a
second time and absorb more of the spiritual food it contains. And
don’t miss the author’s preface. He is simply stating the
experiences of himself and his family. In the same sense I am not
judging these young wanderers, but only pointing out why some of us
are somewhat ‘Status Quo.’ (I remember having head lice as
a child, and I didn’t enjoy it.)

I believe there is a middle ground on which we can meet. Our
small prayer group has proved this to me. One hymn writer expresses
it this way. (I quote.) ‘In Christ there is no East or West, In
Him no South or North; but one great fellowship of love throughout
the whole wide earth.’

Now in Him there is no age difference either, no generation gap.
If the young rebels only knew how many older folks are praying for
them, all this animosity would melt away between us. It takes young
people such as Pat Boone and Dave Wilkerson, and hundreds of others
to get the message across. But the volumes of prayer are every bit
as essential.

Our prayer group, at present, contains three women. We have
invited a fourth this week. I am the grandmother, the two are young
mothers. The visitor is around 40. But we are all one in Christ,
and we have a blessed time together.

Our first rule is absolute trust in one another. Nothing we
share, talk, or pray about goes outside of that meeting. We are
open with one another, honest, often confessing our sins. And for
this we love one another the more.

Though I hadn’t planned it this way (God brought us
together) the Lord has provided me with substitute daughters. Ours
live away. In this wonderful way I have acquired some spiritual
children and grandchildren. But the important thing is that we seek
His will. The other is just His abundant goodness.

Yes I had started to write about methods of attracting birds to
one’s home. How I struggled with that article! I wrote, I
rewrote, nothing turned out for me. Then I went to the right
source, and this one flowed out in one piece. Birds may come
another time the right time.

Again I urge you ladies find a prayer partner. Our world is in
crucial need! Why deprive yourself and the world of God’s
blessing? Then let me know so that ‘east and west, north and
south’ can rejoice together.

  • Published on Jan 1, 1972
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