The Ladies Page


| January/February 1976


As snowflakes again become our companions, and our world is pure and white, we enjoy recalling all that the summer season has blessed us with. There are potatoes stored away, carrots, squash. The freezer is bulging at the seams with strawberries, raspberries, melon balls, rhubarb. What a comfortable feeling it is to have a part in such abundance.

One day the man at our house brought in two beautiful ears of corn. Each one of these contained about nine hundred kernels. And did you know there is never an uneven number of rows on a cob? Such goodness and such mercy can not be understood. From one kernel of corn comes all of this! We like to teed the squirrels in winter so he picked up some left-over ears at the farm.

We had a gratifying melon crop this year and I learned how to handle this as well. You cook up one cup of sugar and one cup of water until it boils. Then you cool this syrup and add the melon balls, watermelon, muskmelon, honey dews, whatever you have.

Let this stand for several hours, and then use them fresh or place in the freezer. They are delicious as sauce and great in salad, plus being beautiful. I had more fun than a child with a cherished toy as I dug and twisted with my new 79c ball-making gadget. Isn't it exhilarating to try new things?

A first-time experience in September was eating our noon meal in a cook car. The New Rockford Steam Show, held in North Dakota, was not blessed with cooperative weather in 1975. As we left home the forecase was not encouraging. But we had a good time in spite of this deterrent.