The Ladies Page

Country Echoes

| July/August 1963


R.D.2, Brandon, Wisconsin

Our Country Echoes have a touch of loneliness and sadness about them as my pen tries to form the words for a column. Our nineteen year old John has just entered the Armed Service as so many of our boys do and the house is so empty without him. He has been gone four days and we have no idea where he is. I find it rather hard to be my cheerful self.

Again memories come back of the eldest son who put in his two years in the paratroopers. The thought of your beloved son jumping out of airplanes is far from comforting. We were proud of his bravery, however. There is also a son-in-law who is all Ensign in the Navy right now so we are quite well connected to the Armed Service.

How well I remember the check-out-clerk at our local super-market asking about our two oldest boys a few years ago. When I told her one was in the paratroopers and the other preparing for the ministry she came up with this witty remark. 'Well-I guess they are going to get up there one way or another, aren't they?' I laughed in spite of my heavy heart. She probably knew I needed to laugh.

Our second son is handicapped from having had polio at fourteen but he never wavered from his intention to enter the ministry.

Now we have only two left at home and I am constantly cooking too much. Our big eater is gone. These two can't argue about the extra piece of pie for now there are two left over and they each can have one. It used to be a contest between the three of them so they finally settled on each having it in turn. Sometimes it was hidden in the most bizarre places for they didn't always quite trust each other. They sort of kept a threat over each other but usually played fair;