The Ladies Page

| July/August 1966



How strangely circumstances can change the pattern of our lives overnight. This is what has happened at Edgewood Acres. Seven weeks ago today we brought my eighty eight year old mother back to the farm where she lived for so many years.

At the present time we find ourselves with a hospital bed in our dining room and the general paraphenalia that goes with the care of the sick or aged. But Grandma has come back to the farm. It has brought back many memories to me also.

How the years sweep along and carry us along with them. Through my window I can see our nineteen year old son making his way toward the house for breakfast. He has his rubbers in his hand and is swinging them in rhythm to the tune he is whistling. And I am reminded, how many people have been happy here on this farm.

Perhaps this is one of the rewards for having a family farm which stays in the family for many years. Our parents bought this' one back in 1903. It was several years later that I made my entrance into the world. But there is not one building left here that was here when I was born. Only two trees around the dooryard are still with us, and Mother. The two trees are oak and surely Mother has a constitution as rugged as they.

One thing I am especially thankful for as I look back over the years is the unswerving rules of right and wrong she taught her family. Of course they have been a bit cumbersome to me now and then when I was tempted to do wrong and sometimes did. But the rules were there and if I wanted to break myself over them I was free to do so. But how good it was to know that they were there for me to aim for.