| March/April 1957

We are able to present Mrs. Harold Thomas, of Dwight, as our Hobby Lady. Elmer brought this information home to me from the Pontiac Reunion last Fall where he met and conversed with Mrs. Thomas. Elmer is a flower lover and of course was quite enthusiastic about the material for this page. AUNT LENE.

MRS. THOMAS RAISES overĀ  250 varieties of African Violets for pleasure and profit. She has this to say about their culture

'African Violets require expert care and constant attention. New plants are produced from old ones, and must be potted, carefully watered, and exposed to just the right kind and amount of light if they are to make healthy plants with large abundant blooms. In one of the pictures you will see Mrs. Thomas explaining to a visitor how the plants are exposed to light from fluorescent tubes 14 hours per day, in order to speed their growth. Displayed under fluorescent lights, African Violet blossoms show their true colors.'

In the other picture you will see Mrs. Thomas allowing her plants to stand in warm, soft water for three hours per week. Mr. Thomas made these clever trays from an old wind mill. By tilting the trays with a handle attached to the end, the water is easily emptied into a bucket.

Congratulations, Mrs. Thomas, and we hope to meet you sometime I too am enthusiastic about African Violets.