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Felling Trees and Marriage

Here is a good one — Elmer wanted it for the Gas Page and I wanted it for the Ladies Page. After all the Wedding Day belongs to the “Wonderful little girl.” We are so glad Dan is proud enough of the event to tell us. Suppose all of we ladies send her a card of congratulations and well wishes and give her a welcome into our circle. Indeed, the men would do well to send Dan a card since he is weaving around on the spring board. Never mind, Dan, women get that way too. — Aunt Lene

About time I sent a couple chips to toss in the fire box. The fact is I have already one copy in advance, which I very much appreciate, because I sure do not want to miss any issues. I did not realize your steam was up already or I would have sent my contribution sooner.

I could get up a pretty good excuse for being slow with the help of your imagination and the realization of some facts. I must have leaned against the wrong end of an engine once, because my destiny is fixed. I am getting married to a wonderful little lady, Miss Ellen Hessen, February 21st, 1959. She seems to think my Moline Universal plus several other old gas tractors are OK — so far anyway.

Enclosed is our picture. Sorry we were not near an old tractor this time. That stump in the background is of some interest. It is a Western Red Cedar Stump. Probably cut about 1890 when oxen and sturdy men did the logging out here. Spring boards were inserted in the notches. One man stood on each board (approximately 2 inches thick, 6 inches wide and 5 feet long) when felling a tree. The stump is 12 feet high, 3 feet in diameter at the top. It is hollow. A one hole seat and a door have made it a handy landmark.

Getting married makes me feel a little bit like a man on a spring board way up a stump. I don’t think I’ll lose my balance — anyway I’m going to give it a try.

Wishing all of you a pleasant New Year.

Dan Grewe
“The Moline Kid”
Care Valley Gem Farm
Arlington, Washington
  • Published on Mar 1, 1959
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