The Ladies Page

| March/April 1962

Country Echoes

By MAE BABER R.D.2, Brandon, Wisconsin

Perhaps it was the need of a new spring and mattress for our bed that gave birth to the following poem. After paying the bill I realized how much cheaper we slept at one time. Do you remember when it was Straw Changing Day some years ago?


Spring house cleaning time, in the days
I recall
We pulled the striped straw-tick out
into the hall
And slid it downstairs, out the solid
wood door,
Leaving a trail on the sitting room
floor -

A cough for your trouble, a sneeze,
and a groan
As we ripped out the stitches that
Granny had sewn
And lit to the litter a farmer-size
match, Then went for the second. We lifted
the latch
To Mom, with hot water for washing
the ticking
On which itchy straw tufts were
stubbornly sticking.

We took up the carpet and added more
To the blazingest fire your eyes ever
For burning up wintertime, this was
our joy
When we girls were maidens and
brother a boy.