The Ladies Page

Country Echoes

| March/April 1966

R. R. 2, Brandon, Wisconsin 53919

March and April! The very sound of the names of the two months as we say them immediately seems to merge into another word SPRING. Spring is just around the corner. While we have been shivering throughout the winter the thought of another spring on the way always gives one a lift.

My old Dutch Grandmother used to say, 'I like it in the spring for then we can think to ourselves, 'Now we have two summers before us, before we have the second winter!' But in the fall it works the other way. So it appears, it is all in the way you look at it. And isn't this true of so many things we meet up with in life?

I can hear some of the Steam Brothers say, 'Ah! Spring makes me think of Steam Reunions, good old black smoke, Antique Cars, Steam Calliopes, and chaff down my neck.'

Spring can mean falling in love for the young man and lady who have been seeing a great deal of each other for the past months, or even a year or two, if they are a bit on the old fashioned side. For the undisciplined the wine of its wonder can lead to acts to regret which bring about ill considered unions. To the affected parents it can bring consequent tears and hurried plans.

To the very old it can be a very hard time as they try to continue on for another year. Winter has left them weak in body. There will be many new graves. Some may well repeat the words of an elderly neighbor of mine some years back. She asked her daughter plaintively as she lay dying, 'Oh dear! Why didn't I get this over with last spring?'