The Ladies Page


| March/April 1973

Brandon wisconsin, R.R-2 Zip-53919

It is often in the pursuit of an IRON HORSE that my Mr. B and I run across interesting people. But how could we ever have guessed that our latest one was going to lead us to the Encyclopedia Brittanica? We gained a history lesson, and even shared a home-cooked meal.

This past year our offspring in New Jersey decided it would be pleasant to have the 'old folks' come for Thanksgiving. So we took to the Indiana and Ohio roads after slinging our coins into mechanical mouths all the way around Chicago.

'How many of those things are there?' asks Mr. B, as he's done so many times before. I shudder as he dodges a huge truck.

'Six,' I answer demurely, knowing we have to have $1.80 dividable into six equal portions.

'Not six,' he argues mildly, 'there's not that many.'