The Ladies, Page

| May/June 1961

Country Echoes

By MAE BABER, R.D.2, Brandon, Wisconsin

How much there is to look forward to on every spring day! If we have been busy in the fall with bulbs and trowel for digging, now we surely have our reward. There is something about the bravery of a crocus in the spring as it flaunts its color in the crisp air to make one feel a bit of the pioneer. Perhaps it was in this mood that I wrote the following:


In spectral wonder greying wings
With feathered animation filling skies
Yet reminiscent of the wintry chill
Which bandied vagrant snowdrifts at
its will.

Unhurried, robins harmonize with
zest -
Unworried by the building of a nest.
More necessary now to ring out clear
The singing, clarion call that spring
is here.

For overhead the sky is clearer blue
Than ever autumn days had access to;
These Honking Heralds have no bet
ter place
To fling their message than in vibrant