The Ladies Page

| May/June 1964

Country Echoes

By MAE BABER, R.D.2, Brandon, Wisconsin

Sometimes one is quite amazed at the quantity and quality of friendship which one finds. Right now that is being my experience. As happens to most of us at one time or another, I am a patient in a hospital while recovering from surgery.

Everyone has been so wonderful, and the real flowers which cheer me, alongside of all the lovely ones on cards, and the visits of family and friends certainly are helping my recovery. My roommate is so nice, too.

When we get all too busy in our work-a-day world we are so apt to lose sight of the value of friendship. The moment spent writing a note means so much to the one who receives it. It is a whistle of understanding, a turning on of the steam of comradeship, lam having a sort of thresher's banquet of friendliness and there is no better medicine.

There were two farmer's wives in this room. We even shared recipes; our husbands talked about fish ponds. Our teen-age children glanced slyly at their teen-age children during visiting hours. Though we live about thirty miles apart we discovered we knew some of the same people. Yes - we even spoke of some of our problems. Don't we all have them?

But very best of all - we shared the same God. We had four ministers call on us and pray for us. I read to her from St. John when she was feeling wretched. She said, 'God bless you,' when she left and we touched the healing hem of heaven.