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Aren’t we often too reticent about sharing the real values
of the heart? We work so hard at being acceptable, the kind of
person who says the proper thing at the proper time and we leave
only a vacuum of feeling. We chatter, chatter, chatter, – and
really say so little. But when the heart is touched, a burden
lifted by a kind word, an understanding gesture made, then we
spring alive in response.

Yes – I believe I am a better person for having been laid aside
for a while. May my words be as ‘apples of gold in pictures of
silver’ as I take up my tasks again. May my prayer be,
‘Lord, let me not get too busy to be thoughtful, nor too haried
to be helpful.’

As I type this up I am back home again. Our neighbors are still
being so kind and have brought in food to help us along. Whatever
bread I have ever’

ever ‘cast upon the waters ‘has come back frosted and
glazed. My typewriter sings a happy song, and may God bless you,
Every One.

When I feel things deeply it is apt to come out in poetry. So
let me tell you about where I am happiest. As a wife and Mother I
feel there is no place like home and certainly no home like your


The loneliness I feel for all of you Is triggered by a separated
week – I want to speak your name, and feel your kiss, I want to
hear the news, turn on my stove

And fix your steak, your applesauce, your peas;

Oh please, let me do this again for you.

To serve, to cherish, is a Mother’s need –

 From all of this I have been kindly freed

But back again in my own element

It’s true, Dear Ones, THERE I am most content.

  • Published on May 1, 1964
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