The Ladies Page


| May/June 1966


Yesterday was a blessed day in my life. Isn't each one like this a real gift in this troubled world? It is the unexpected which makes life interesting. Yesterday we pulled something a bit unexpected on our church congregation. Never should things be allowed to get too deadly drab and always the same.

We have a Junior Choir of about twenty five happy faced children. They sang yesterday morning. As their leader I had had my pencil busy working up a three part harmony for them. How surprised I was at results. Usually I stand on my square stool and direct them, but not yesterday. We sang, or rather they sang, a prayer in song, LORD, I WANT TO BE A CHRISTIAN IN MY HEART. The organ played with them as they sang so there was no disturbance of anyone getting up to accompany or direct. They stood up and went right into it.

All their usually busy young hands were clasped in front of them. Their faces were a study in sweet worship. There were clear young voices in solo parts on the first line. We have some lovely ones, true as a bell. I unashamedly shed tears at the beauty of it. Mabye you would like to try it in your church. It was a blessing.

Then last evening our young people took over and conducted the whole service, even the message. How we need to encourage our youngsters and young people to these good things.

As we grow older we seem to tend to forget what it was like to be young. How often we should be reminded when we see someone trying to zoom past our houses, on two wheels rather than four, that they haven't quite learned how to control all the energy they find themselves possessing. In the meantime we try not to ride with some of them because it is too hard on our aging hearts.