The Ladies Page


| May/June 1973

It is early on the morning of our fortieth wedding anniversary. How different is the climate and area from where we were forty years ago this morning. We are in Los Angeles where our eldest son, his wife, and two daughters are living at present.

When we came back from our honeymoon way back then, it was sixteen degrees below zero. Here we have just seen a humming bird outside the window. And two days ago we visited Lake Havasu where a man named McCullough, I believe, imported the London Bridge and rebuilt it on the Arizona desert. Already there is a sizeable city there and promise of much more growth.

As we drove toward Lake Havasu the scenery was some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The mountains were magnificent. The only thing that marred our complete enjoyment were the signs reading FLASH FLOOD AREA NEXT TWELVE MILES, or SIX MILES or EIGHT MILES. They were too numerous for our entire peace of mind.

We arrived safely, knowing we would have to return over those same roads. But once we were inside those attractive gates our fears were forgotten. What an experience to hear an imitation of Old Ben sounding out the hours! I didn't dare let myself go into the China Shop. Not as sold as I am on English china! My good husband bought me a Roadrunner sitting atop what is supposed to be an authentic piece of the London Bridge.

I have been looking in vain for a live one as we travel along. I think he is hoping I will give up looking and quit talking about Roadrunners. Now I have a composition one, on rock, to take home with me. So, as I am thinking about him, I am also looking forward to this evening. Our family is taking us out to dinner.

And a great experience it was. We ate at the world-famous Sea Lion at Malibu Beach. When the tide is high, and the wind boisterous, the waves splash up over the windows beside the table where you are dining. But for us, the surfers playing in the waves were interesting to watch, and the open fire in the central part of the eating area was cheerful and homey. Best of all, of course, was the family companionship of the occasion and all the memories which came flooding in. The tide was not high so the water stayed far below us.