| November/December 1958

R. D. 2, Brandon, Wisconsin


Mrs. Alfred E. Baber, R. D 2, Brandon, Wisconsin, is our lady doing the Ladies Page this issue. First we have a letter and then the poem she has composed. We think it very clever AUNT LENE

Dear Steam Engine Enthusiasts,

What is there about a steam engine that just gets into your blood and never seems to leave? I have known ever since I married my husband 25 years ago that someday I would have to share him with a steam engine and finally last year it happened. I must say, I rather enjoy the company. There are such clear memories of threshing days when we were both farm children that we find our Case 65 almost a companion. Our six children all share our enthusiasm. Holidays have become steam engine days at our house. The Physics teacher from the local high school brought his whole class out here this spring to give them a lesson in steam propulsion and they were every bit as interested as we ever were as children.

Enclosed is a poem I have written based on an episode I shall never forget as long as I live. I have laughed about it many times since but that particular day I was far from happy. It was in the days of stack threshing and school was already in session before the threshing was finished in those days.