| September/October 1956

Mrs. Gladys Daiss of Gothenburg, Nebraska, makes the Woman's Page contribution this issue. She says it is foolishness but there is a lot of truth expressed in the lines. Those of you who are older will do some reliving and those who are younger can imagine what they missed. AUNT LENE

I LOOKED OVER YOUR MAGAZINE and think it would be well if you did have a Woman's Page. I have many hobbies. I collect shoes, glass, wooden, china, all kinds; and books, how I love them.

Tell Earlene I am an ex-school marm, too.

So you are a Methodist Preacher. Well, I am a Baptist. Not much difference, is there?

Now this, just for fun Did you ever live in the country? If you did not you will not appreciate this bit of thinking.


Remember the little house out in the back,
'Neath the shade of the cotton wood tree;
With its weathered roof and its clapboard sides
Without a lock or a key?