Farm Collector


Mrs. Gladys Daiss of Gothenburg, Nebraska, makes the Woman’s
Page contribution this issue. She says it is foolishness but there
is a lot of truth expressed in the lines. Those of you who are
older will do some reliving and those who are younger can imagine
what they missed. AUNT LENE

I LOOKED OVER YOUR MAGAZINE and think it would be well if you
did have a Woman’s Page. I have many hobbies. I collect shoes,
glass, wooden, china, all kinds; and books, how I love them.

Tell Earlene I am an ex-school marm, too.

So you are a Methodist Preacher. Well, I am a Baptist. Not much
difference, is there?

Now this, just for fun Did you ever live in the country? If you
did not you will not appreciate this bit of thinking.


Remember the little house out in the back,
‘Neath the shade of the cotton wood tree;
With its weathered roof and its clapboard sides
Without a lock or a key?

What a friendly old house was the one we had,
With seats that could hold all three;
There was room for Mom, there was room for Dad
And place for a little one wee.

‘Twas there we settled family affairs,
While from our labors we rested;
The sessions some times were solemn affairs
At other times we jested.

The bathrooms today are luxurious,
Not a thing does the tile and chrome lack;
But nice as they are they cannot compare
To the little house out in the back.

We painted its walls with left over paint,
Or papered it if we found time;
We stuffed the chinks to keep out the cold
It had air conditioning sublime.

In winter, used carpet covered the seats,
So we kids from the cold were protected;
But now days that house is a thing of the past
For it sits all alone and neglected.

But then that house was a popular place,
In any and all kinds of weather;
For the little old house and an old catalog
They truly went together.

We rested and looked at the old catalog,
And planned what we wanted to buy;
A new iron kettle for making the soap
Or some old fashioned Diamond Dye.

And often an old hen would visiting come,
Sliding in as sly as a fox;
She would settle down with a scratch and a cluck
And lay an egg in the catalog box.

But now I guess we’d not like to trade,
Our bathroom all shiny and new
For a little old house sitting out in the back
Complete with a catalog too.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1956
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