The Ladies Page


| September/October 1970


It was a Saturday morning the five of us chose for our unusual outing. It was an unusual combination, age-wise. There were the two young women of twenty one, and three of us who revolve around sixty. We settled on a Saturday morning because that was the only morning we could get together.

The birds weren't too cooperative but the deer were out full force. Mary and I had just finished painting the trim on the house. We weren't thinking too clearly. Somehow Mary led our new daughter-in-law to believe we were leaving at four o'clock. Poor Andrea was up and waiting before we were out of bed. Finally the telephone rang as I was struggling into my last shoe. 'Oh,' came a sleepy voice over the wire, 'I thought you had gone off without me.'

'Oh, you poor thing,' I sympathized, 'What time did you get up?'

'About three thirty,' she answered with a slight edge in her voice.

'We'll be right there,' I assured her. Mary hops into the car and picks her up while I gather the last of our supplies together. Then we sit down to wait. One of our sixty-year-olds is driving out from Brandon. After sitting for about fifteen minutes we decide to use the telephone again.

'Oh, I thought you were going to pick me up,' she apologized.