| November/December 1972

  • Case number One
    Is this what one could call steam engine Heaven? I would say so! It is an old Case number One in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D. C. I took this picture summer of 1969. Notice ''Old Abe'', somewhat different than the recent one that has now be
    Walter C. Bieritz
  • Minneapolis engine
    Minneapolis engine at the S. W. Wisconsin Antique Power Show in August 1971, Boscobel, Wisconsin. Courtesy of Patrick Mullarkey, 5242 S. 13th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221.
    Patrick Mullarkey

  • Case number One
  • Minneapolis engine

1511 Iglehart, St. Paul, Minn. 55104.

'The Third Annual Lake Elmo Early Days Threshing Party' was held August 20th, 1972. The site of the show was the Washington County Fairgrounds just outside of the village of Lake Elmo. And what a fine location it is, with plenty of buildings to get into if it rains, or to get into the shade when the sun is pouring it on from a cloudless sky with the temperature hovering close to, or in the 90°'s as it had been for a week.

When I saw the show on Saturday, they were getting things set up for the main day, Sunday. The antique exhibits they had were real good. A tread power and a one horse corn planter were on display along with old time items of interest. A well-kept steel Avery 28 x 46 thresher and a hand feed New Racine would be threshing Sunday.

By the way, a friend of mine, John Feipal was with me. John recently retired from years of passenger service with a railroad. With his wife, Delia, he lives at 628 Simpson Avenue, St. Paul, 55104.

We walked up to a fine 20-70 HP Nichols and Shepard engine. Someone asked the engineer if he had steam. He pulled the whistle cord; no one doubted it after that.

Talking with the engineer, I found he is Donald W. Wolf of St. Paul. He carries membership cards of several historical organizations, among them Early Days Gas Engine and Tractor Association and Minnesota Transportation Museum. He told me the engine he was running belonged to Mr. Lehart Fried-rich of Lake Elmo. He also named the engines owned by Mr. Friedrich, all of which were on exhibition at the show. Heading the list is a 1904 single cylinder, serial no. 464 I. H. C. tractor, a Twin city 3 or 4 plow tractor, powered by a 4 cylinder engine under the hood, a late model 30-60 Rumely Oil Pull, and a 35-70 H. P. Minneapolis.