The Old Peerless

| July/August 1995

8497 Yorkridge Road Guilford, Indiana 47022

This engine has graced the pages of IMA several times in the past, most recently in the September/October 1994 issue on page 20. The article and photo were submitted by Lloyd Creed, Danville, Illinois. Mr. Creed also sent in an article a couple of years ago telling how he tried to purchase the engine when it was sitting in Rockville, Indiana.

It has been mentioned several other times in the past, as one of the previous owners was the late Ray Jones. Ray was a retired railroad engineer and also served as president of the Pioneer Engineer's Club of Indiana for 22 years. Throughout his entire life Ray has been devoted to steam one way or another.

The earliest known history of the engine begins in the mid-1950s, when Ray Jones purchased it near Doe Hill, Virginia. He brought it home to Sunman, Indiana, where it was restored by Ray and several friends.

If anyone knows of the engine prior to this, please write to IMA or me, Timothy Trabel. It is a 1909 model TT, 16 HP, serial #14170.

Ray took the engine to various shows over the years, mainly the Rushville, Indiana, show, until it was sold again in 1970 or 1971.