| January/February 1964


When the OLD STEAM AND GAS CLUB of New Concord was organized some years ago little thought or consideration was given to the possibility of stagine a reunion. Rather the club was organized primarily to satisfy the interests of a small group. Like many another group throughout the country these interests have ranged from the restoration of antique automobiles to all kinds of farm machinery. After meeting for a period of around a year several members of the club suggested the possibility of holding an annual reunion. So three years ago the club held its first reunion. The experience of this group has perhaps not been unlike that of other groups, but the interest manifested by the people of this community and surrounding communities was beyond the fondest expectations of the members of the club. This year the reunion was held at Bloomfield park on Friday and Saturday, July 19 and 20. While our show is a small one when compared with many of the other shows yet the attendance was by far the largest of the three reunions held thus far. In spite of the rainy weather the crowds surpassed all anticipations of those who planned the reunion.

A Milwaukee binder was used to cut the wheat and it was shocked by members of the club. Unfortunately inclement weather hampered the threshing of much of the wheat. All of the threshing was completed following the end of the show. The threshing was done with George Richey's Baker tractor and separator.

Five steam engines were in operation during the show: a Case, a Frick, a Minneapolis and two Russells. The fans were in operation almost constantly during the show. A groundhog thresher recently acquired by the club was on display and attracted considerable attention.

This report would be incomplete without the mention of two additional features of this year's show. On Friday night the Cambridge barbershop quartette rendered an hour's program consisting of many of the old melodies familiar to many people. Several hundred people listened to this program and apparently enjoyed it very much. On Saturday night a pony pull attracted a large crowd. There were twenty-three entries and the ponies came from a widely spread geographical area. Those who were responsible for the pony pull are cordially invited to stage another pony pull next year.

The club is deeply appreciative and grateful to all who were in attendance and manifested an interest in the show. It also wishes to express its appreciation to all who exhibited machinery and antique automobiles.