| March/April 1967

  • Worm style rail fence
    Courtesy of LeRoy W. Blaker, Alvordton, Ohio 43501 Worm style rail fence on the back part of my farm next to my neighbor's woodlot. Photo Dec. 14, 1966.
    LeRoy W. Blaker

  • Worm style rail fence

Alvordton, Ohio 43501

I was interested in the photo and article on the old rail fence on page 45 of he Jan.-Feb. 1967 issue of IRON MEN ALBUM Magazine.

I still have one on the back part of my farm although it is in a run down condition, and 60 or 70 years old. Am enclosing a photo of it. You asked for information on how they were built, and as I have built them I will try to explain the procedure. The standard rail was 11 feet long, generally made from black or white ash; some oak was used but they were quite heavy to handle. Trees 12 to 14 inches in diam. were the best size and they were quartered by splitting with iron wedges and a maul