The Portable Steam Engine & Manufacturing Co., Watertown, N. Y.


| July/August 1985

C. A. SHERMAN, President.
G. BRADFORD, Superintendent.
I. P. POWERS, Secretary & Treasurer.

THE EXPERIENCE OF TWENTY YEARS in designing, building and operating Steam Engines in almost all parts of the country, doing all kinds of work, under all the different circumstances and conditions in which they can be placed, has enabled us to design and perfect in the Engines and Boilers represented in this cut

The Most Perfect Portable Engine now in the Market.

Some of the points in which it excels all others are as follows : The Engine Cylinder is encased in (and its covering forms) the upper part of the dome, thereby avoiding condensation in the cylinder and steam-pipes, PREVENTING most, if not all, the POUNDING, STRAIN & BREAKAGE OCCASIONED BY WATER IN THE CYLINDER, which does more to destroy the Engine than all the work it performs. The pillow blocks are connected centrally with the cylinder by an iron frame, which receives the strain in a direct line and is not deflected by the action of the Engine, thus tending to keep in line, instead of getting out, as in the old style. The heater is also encased in the base of the dome, the pipes secure from frost; still it receives the exhaust steam in the usual way. It has the Compound Crank and two Drive Pulleys. To clean the Boiler it is only necessary to separate a ground joint in the dome, and you have free access to the water surface of the Crown Sheet, Tubes and Fire Box, and as we have left out all the bad and retained all the good qualities of the ordinary Engines, and having the mechanical department under the direction of the Pioneer in Portable Engine building, feel warranted in saying that this is SUPERIOR to any Engines built in this or any other country. These improvements being entirely our own, and secured by Letters Patent, can only be obtained at our Works.