The Proposed Kansas Lien Law

| September/October 1993

25650 Louisa Lane, Romoland, California 92585.

A reprint from The Threshermen's Review, February 1913, Page 42.

We print here with the proposed Kansas Lien Law which will be introduced in both Houses at the next Session.

A good lien law is one of the best aids in collections a thresherman can have. This one imposes no hardship whatever on the customer, while it does aim to protect the thresherman.

The way to have this Bill passed is to let your representatives and senators look after it. Here is where the threshermen can stay at home and help by just writing to representatives and senators from his district, and making it plain to them that you are interested in the success of this bill. A good representation of threshermen at the State capital would help if it could be known on what date this will come up for consideration, but it will be just about as good if every thresherman will write his representative and senators, as indicated above, stating that you want his aid in putting the Threshermen's Lien Law through.

Section 1. The owner or lessee of any threshing machine, or any laborer of such owner and lessee shall have a first lien upon all grain threshed for the amount due for the labor and services of such threshing, such lien to date from the commencement of such threshing, upon filing a statement or statements as in this act provided.