The Ritzman's Take A Trip

| November/December 1960

On the 20th day of July 1960 we started on a trip into North Carolina. We had two families we wished to visit. The Charles Idol family whose acquaintance we made at the Kinzer Reunion and the Rev. Walter Byers and family. Mr. Byers and I were in School together preparing for the ministry, we are both retired now.

As usual we got a late start. Our Volkswagen is equipped for sleeping but not for cooking. We eat in restaurants.

We pass through Gettysburg, an historic place, but it being near home (and having often been there) we stopped only for traffic signals.

Our next historic spot was Harpers Ferry. Never had been there. The scenery was wonderful. The old houses and places of business were most interesting.


We get on the Skyline Drive at Front Royal and continued until we arrived at Luray Caverns in Virginia. It was a most delightful treat to visit this underground marvel. I had only been in one other one before and then it was visited by boat instead of on foot and it was not nearly so large. The Stalacpipe organ was most interesting. All three of us were interested as we enjoy music.