| July/August 1964

  • yearling jersey

  • yearling jersey

1305 Scottsdale Drive,Champaign, Illinois

My father and family lived on a farm in Franklin County, Illinois until the time of his death in 1921. A number of farmers including my father, that lived in that vicinity owned silos that were to be filled every year.

Prior to 1925 nearly all belt work and some draw bar work was done with steam due to the fact that there were no combustion engines in the area. A number of the silo owners had purchased an M. Rumely 11 Hp. single simple along with a paper ensliage cutter to fill their silos each year. This Rumely had been rebuilt by Keck-Gonnerman Company.

One evening in October 1917 the engineer of the Rumely drove this Engine to our farm and parked it in the barnyard to fill our silo with. A rainy season followed shortly after the Engine was brought to our place, therefore silo filling operations were discontinued for about a week.

I was about ten years of age at the time and being a steam fan I could not retire for the evening until I made some inspection of the Rumely. After finishing the evening meal I proceeded to the barnyard to pass my inspection of the iron machine. The moon was rather bright that evening and objects could be seen a fairly long distance.

My father had a yearling jersey calf that was roaming around the barn and other buildings and Mr. calf decided that some strange monster had come to the barnyard that he was not familiar with.