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By Staff

We are indebted to Mr. Loran Sweet, R. D. 1, Mason, Michigan,
for the pictures and description of this unusual Thresher. It came
in the period of about 1907-08. It never seemed to gain much ground
for some reason. Or maybe reasons. We shall be glad to hear from
anyone who had experience with these machines. E.L.R.

This new threshing machine was invented by Halvor O. Sageng of
Dalton, Minnesota. It combines both engine and separator on one
truck and is a radical departure in thresher construction. Instead
of a steam engine, a 70 hp. four cylinder gasoline motor furnishes
the power. The machine has an upper and lower straw rack which
provides double separating capacity.

It weighs 11 tons. It has a 36, inch cylinder and the separator
is 60 inches.

We think the pictures will describe very well all that we could
put in print.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1958
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