The Saskatoon Exhibition & Pioneer Days

| May/June 1974


This year in July I visited the Exhibition and didn't see much of it as I was more interested in the Pioneer Days and had the pleasure of driving the Queen of the Show, a 1915 cross compound 40-120 HP Reeves plow engine, as well as a 25-75 HP tandem compound Sawyer-Massey around the arena. The weather was warm and sunny and there was a good crowd.

The first thing on the program was a parade of steam and gas tractors around the arena which included the two above mentioned engines as well as 15-45 Case steamer, Sawyer-Massey, 25-75 Case, Rumely 40-120 New Giant, return flue.

In the Gas Tractors division were the following: 10-20 Titan, 2 cylinder; 10-20 McCormick Deering, 30-60 Aultman Taylor, 40-65 HP Reeves 4 cylinder; Minneapolis 15-30; 15-30 and 24-40 Oil Pull, 20-40 Case 2 cylinder opposed, 28-50 Hart Parr, 16-30 Eagle, 10-20 hopper cooled Mogul and a traction steam well driller.

After the parade was the story of threshing. First there were two men beating out the grain with flails, next two men turning the hand cranks on a small machine. This was followed by eight horses on a sweep power hooked up by flat belt to a hand feed and slat straw carrier, followed by a 30-60 Oil Pull and finally a 10 ft. self-propelled New Holland combine and 5-ton G.M.C. truck.

Next was the parade of antique cars and horses - a 6-horse team and grain wagon, a 4-horse team on a wagon, 2-horse team on a bundle rack. The cars were 490 Chev. 1925 Overland, 1924 Ford Star touring McLaughlin and Maxwell.