The Scott Carver Old Thresher's Assoc. & Gas & Steam Engine Festival

| March/April 1975

1511 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

The Scott-Carver Show was held at the regular show site about two miles out of Jordan, Minnesota a short distance off Highway 169, on August 10th and 11th, 1974. The weather on Saturday, August 10th, was rainy but Sunday was a clear bright day allowing most of the activity to be carried on.

A parade was held each day with Marvin Boettcher announcing. Lumber sawing was an attraction as usual. Threshing was in progress, being done by two steam rigs on Sunday afternoon.

John Schoening of Mound, Minnesota had his 50 HP Case belted to a 32-inch Minneapolis thresher that belongs to the Scott Carver Association. John had his 35-70 Minneapolis gas tractor at the show. He is also engaged in the restoration of a 70 HP Minneapolis steam engine.

Florian C. Karl was the engineer on Erwin Morrell's 15 HP Advance engine, as he has been other years. The engine is used on the lumber saw and for threshing. Joe Sully of St. Peter, Minnesota was on hand as usual with his 22 HP Advance.

Engineer Jim Mollenhauer was running Bill Olander's 22 HP Advance engine. Ralph Kerkow's steel Rosenthal corn shredder was in operation. Although the corn stalks were green and tough, the ears of corn were husked and the shredded fodder was blown in a pile.